Live stream video

In these unprecedented times of quarantine, performance opportunities have been very limited. But feel free to check out my most recent live stream!

Coming soon- Visual art :)

It's an interesting time to be a musician, and I've been keeping busy venturing into other facets of my art. I will be adding original pieces in acrylic and other mediums to my website store soon!

New release in the works

Check back in the first week of August for a single release :)


Hear Amanda's Debut EP "Does It Get Lonely" 

Amanda's debut EP "Does It Get Lonely" is here. It is available on the music page of this site, on iTunes, Spotify, and most other digital platforms. It is also on Bandcamp, where you can decide how much you would like to pay for the album. CDs are also available through this site's store!

Check calendar page for more show details.

Sat, 7/25/20- Tagliata, 7-10 pm 

Sat, 8/22/20- Tagliata, 7-10 pm

Sat, 8/29/20- Tagliata, 7-10 pm

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